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We strive to deliver reliable, long term solutions built on flexible and expandable industry standard platforms. We avoid proprietary technologies that tend to box customers in to one specific product line.

ESET solutions

We are an eset Partner and offer Eset End point protection for Businesses.

FCL Limited is an authorized Eset Reseller Partner in Kenya. Our unprecedented growth rate can be attributed to good after sale service and technical support.

End user computers are adequately secure with an antivirus. Therefore, there is need for a level three device that can protect private networks from external attacks. Eset end-point provides sophisticated security solutions for a distributed network.

The appliance is not only a firewall device but provides a host of other exciting security features. Denial of service attacks, trojans, and viruses can hinder and completely disrupt your everyday business activity. Thinking of upgrading your network security? Below are the eight critical reasons why Sophos firewall is important for your business.

sophos firewall appliance

Sophos XG firewall scans all traffic entering and leaving your network. The network firewall protects your network from denial of service attacks and other disruptions. Furthermore, it protects your public IP from blacklist due to spamming. You can trust Sophos XG Firewall to deliver high network availability.

VPN trunking:
Many organizations with branch offices worry so much about how to create a secure link between two or more sites. The network firewall will help you establish a secure remote connection to your branch offices. Accordingly, Sophos Firewall appliances make the process of creating and deploying VPN links very simple. Creating VPN trunks between branch offices assures you of a secure and reliable network connection.
Intrusion Detection and Prevention:
Online attacks are evolving every day. As a result, Sophos acknowledges these security challenges and keeps the devices up to date to handle emerging threats. This firewall device has the capability to monitor traffic to a private network. Good traffic is allowed through while those that go against the set policies are dropped.
Web filter:
This feature enables you to block websites based on keywords or URLs. For instance, some companies do not allow their staff to access betting sites during work time. Sophos XG Firewalls makes it easy to limit access to unproductive websites such as betting or gambling websites and porn sites. Additionally, the web filter feature ensures that unsafe websites are filtered out from search results.
Management of internet bandwidth:
Network users have different bandwidth requirements. The device enables you to allocate more bandwidth to a critical application or functions and reduce bandwidth to non-critical functions. In the end, you will achieve fair usage and distribution of network resources among network users Antivirus protection: The antivirus service works with anti-spam, intrusion prevention towards creating a more secure network environment. The application detects and eliminates threats to your network and can also block infected files and applications.
Anti-spam management:
Spamming within a network is a major problem that leads to a slow connectivity. Consequently, managing spam emails can be a nightmare to system administrators. That is why there is need for a program for eliminating such mails labelled as spam. The network security device makes it easy to identify and eliminate emails considered as spam.
System administrators understand how challenging it is to maintain the reputation of the IP. A blacklisted domain is a sure sign of failure as an IT administrator. In any case, the process for delisting will not be that simple. So it makes perfect sense to put in place checks that guard against spam emails.
Easy Reports customization:
You can access and view real time reports from the dashboard. From the reports, you can drill down further into specific incidences based on dates, time and to the individual computer. For example, the IT support specialist is able to see which computer received the highest number of spam emails. These reports provide useful information in combating widespread of malware across the network. The report can also be downloaded to assist with the audit of IT systems.
ICT has become so critical that no business can afford a few minutes of downtime. IT Service providers have come up with very affordable ways for securing ICT resources. Firewall devices have consistently ensured companies maintain their internet traffic clean and steady. For a reliable Sophos Firewall distributor in Kenya, then contact us now. The positive feedback not only covers the device functionality but business aspects such as return

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